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Welcome! I am so glad you have arrived here. My work is driven by an innate curiosity and care about people's experiences. As a life-long learner and a wandering spirit, I am drawn to stories, emotions and ideas. I work to connect people, through song, text, self-discovery and relationships, to meaning. This pursuit has led me to a variety of positions: as an educator in experiential, classroom and private settings, as a song/prayer creator and facilitator, as a Street Outreach Worker for non-profits addressing housing discrimination, homelessness, poverty and racism, and as a curator of intentional gathering spaces. Through my work I am committed to helping individuals and communities ask big questions. I am dedicated to helping folks feel alive and dignified in our humanity, individually and systemically. I believe that our humanity is incomplete without a racially and economically just society. Building social-emotional awareness and pursuing systemic balance are keys to vibrant, peaceful living, and to the personal/relational health described above. My work holds this central. Please join me in learning, singing, critical thinking and community building!

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